Watermelon Cucumber Fresca

Watermelon Cucumber Fresca

2 oz. Santo Tequila Blanco
1 oz. Agave Nectar
1 oz. Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice
2 Cubes of Watermelon
4 pieces of Cucumber (Quartered and cut into 1/8″ slices)

1. Grab a 12oz Collins glass or Mason Jar, fill with ice and set aside.

2. In a mixing glass, add watermelon pieces, cucumbers and lime juice.
Muddle lightly.

3. Fill mixing glass 2/3 with ice and add tequila and agave.

4. Cap mixing glass with shaker tin and shake vigorously for 10-15

5. Strain contents from shaker tin into the 12oz glass of ice.

6. Garnish with watermelon and cucumber